“Whether I’m fishing light tippets for huge spring creek trout or faced with stopping the speedsters of the salt, Bauer Fly Reels are the reel for me. The strikingly beautiful reels are corrosion resistant and have a fully sealed carbon fiber drag that’s smooth enough to cushion 5X yet the stopping power to prevent a permit from reaching the reef. Best of all Bauer Reels require no maintenance! Bauer Fly Reels are the most reliable fly reel I’ve ever fished.”
– Jeff Currier


What matters most in a fly reel is reliability.

You can’t put a price on that.

A reel must be smooth, seamless, and consistent – every time, in all conditions. The slightest hitch – or worse, a complete lockup – means the difference between landing the fish of a lifetime or losing it. 

A Bauer reel is going to perform, period.


The smoothest fly reel in the world.

The Bauer Difference: Bauer’s “Zero Backlash” Clutch

Our unique clutch engages seamlessly, allowing line to strip off the reel with a silky- smooth feel and consistent performance in all conditions. You can tell the difference.

We design and build this clutch mechanism from non-corrosive materials, making it more reliable and more durable than the roller clutch bearing system commonly used in other fly reels.

Incredibly powerful and reliable.

The Bauer Difference: Fully Sealed Carbon Fiber Drag System

The same reel is as reliable in freshwater with a brook trout as it is in saltwater with a huge tarpon. No maintenance is required to keep the drag in peak condition.

Bauer builds its two custom drag plates from carbon fiber instead of cork or other materials. Unlike cork, carbon fiber’s performance is not reliant on lubrication, and unlike polymers, it is not affected by temperature changes and provides consistent, dependable performance. After all, a drag that doesn’t work is a drag.

The Swiss watch of fly reels.

The Bauer Difference: Aerospace Precision Manufacturing

Bauer combines precision manufacturing, leading technology and a background in race cars in its reel design. We revolutionized the fly reel world in 1995 with our award-winning large arbor design combining superior performance with precision manufactured parts. But unlike a race car, every reel is now hand-assembled and hand-tested by anglers in Montana.

Made by Winston

The Bauer Difference: Bauer reels are built by Winston hands in Montana.

The perfect reel needs to be perfect. We take the time to do it right.

We at Winston and Bauer only make products that we love to use. We love the incredibly smooth feel of the fly line coming off a Bauer reel as much as we love the feel of casting a Winston rod. Get the best. It makes a big difference to love what you use, worry free.

We hand assemble every Bauer fly reel and Winston rod by hand in Twin Bridges, Montana using the finest materials available. Come visit. And go fishing…